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Parent Advisory Council Membership 


Job Description

The Parents advisory Council provides a two-way bridge of communication, encouragement, and support between parents and youth workers as we work together to help the students of our congregation grow into spiritually healthy adults.



Purpose the parent advisory Council exist:

    * to promote effective communications between the youth minister and the parents of teenagers in our                     church

    * to provide support to the people and programs serving the youth of our church.




Members of the parents advisory Council should have a vested interest in the leadership of our youth ministry program. They should exhibit genuine concern for the overall youth ministry of the church and for the diverse community of students who we serve. They should have a history of at least one year's involvement in our church. Exceptions can be made for parents to move into the area who have been involved in youth ministry at the church they come from.




Members will be invited to serve on the parents advisory Council for one year at a time with the term beginning and ending each spring. Each member can continue for the next year, however they are to reevaluate their desire and work each year.



Each member is to pray consistently and specifically for the people in programs of our youth ministry area. They are to understand, phone, and support the philosophical and theological foundations of the youth ministry of our church. They are to attend quarterly meetings as scheduled. They are to function as a sounding board for the youth minister as vision develops. They are to accurately represent the voice of families to the staff and in the shaping of our youth ministry. There to assist the youth ministry staff in evaluating existing programs and activities and providing guidance as new programs and activities are envisioned. They are to help develop an awareness of the concerns parents may have about programs, activities, and events of the youth ministry. They are to communicate the ideas where is the concerns and perspectives of parents to the youth ministry staff through the youth minister. They are to communicate the vision, passion, strategies, and concerns of the youth ministry staff to the parents whenever necessary, that is to be an advocate for the staff and clarify misunderstandings should they exist. They are to assist, as members are able, with special ministry projects when additional adult involvement is advantageous.




412 Support Team 

The 412  support team invites you to consider being a part of our ministry.



Meeting Dates: 

Every Third Wednesday Unless 

specifically advertised otherwise.